Welcome to our Academy

In this section you will find everything you need to become an expert editing and adjusting your Digital Menu. And you will be able to stay informed of new videos and functionalities so that you can apply it to your business.

How to manage images and videos in the gallery of your digital menu

In this new video from the Academy of Haz tu carta digital you will discover, in a quick and easy way, how to introduce images and videos in our gallery to make your business' digital menu much more attractive for your clients.

How to use videos in your digital menus

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words ... And for this, from Haz tu carta digital we put at your disposal our video add-on

How to use images in your digital menus

Add images to your digital chart and get a more visual effect.

How to use the Menu component

The "Menus" item will help you to show a summary of all your menus at the beginning of it.

How to use the whatsapp element

Would you like your customers to be able to place orders through your digital menu? Well, use our WhatsApp component

How to use the Social Networks element

One of the components for our Advanced Plans is to add the Share on Social Networks component to your digital menu.

How to use the separator element

The separator component is an element that will help you to give margins of distance between categories or products of your digital menu.

How to use the banner element

You can add promotional or prominent elements to your digital menus that help you give voice to a message or highlight it.

How to use the header element

With the Header element, add relevant information that you want your customers to see in your digital menu. Address, telephone, special promotion, etc

How to copy and delete elements

From our configurator you have a simple but very useful functionality that will allow you to copy products or delete them from your digital menu in a single click

How to manage extended product

Within each product of your digital menu you can add detailed information as well as break down different rates and prices if you need it

How to manage product categories

Learn how to add, move, or remove product categories from your digital cards.

How to manage menu colors

Give a touch of color to your digital menu, with our functionality to modify backgrounds and letter color

How to manage menu

Learn how to create or add to your digital menu the Menu component from our configurator.