Everything you need to know about the digital menu for restaurants

digital menufor restaurants is the catalog with the dishes and products offered by an establishment to its customers, in digital format. All the information that we usually find in a traditional catalog, is placed in the digital catalog, in a way that is quite easy to consult.

This is a common strategy for restaurants that start delivery service, and need to publish on the Internet what they offer. There are different models for digital menus restaurant digital menus, as well as varied and eye-catching designs, including in many cases more than one language.

Learn with us about the features of a digital menu for restaurants.

Aspects of a digital menu for restaurants

Everything you need to know about the digital menu for restaurants

First of all, a digital menufor restaurants must have all the products that are available for home ordering by the restaurant. That is, so that customers are aware of each of the gastronomic possibilities offered in the establishment.

Product prices must be up to date and all products must be presented, without any particular exception, to facilitate ordering. When a customer is informed of all prices, he can plan his order according to the budget he has, without asking the price.

It is common for a digital menufor restaurants have photos of the dishes so that the customer has a reference of the order. With a graphic representation of the actual dish, the customer feels more confident in what he will order, since visuals are important.

Some digital menus describe the dishes, mentioning the ingredients they contain and may even include the complete method of preparation. This can be for gourmet type restaurants, where there is an interest on the part of customers in knowing the details of cooking.

A good strategy can be separate the products by categories, so that navigation on the platform is easy on the eyes. For example, for vegans, there may be an exclusive menu with products of this type, without a long search.

It is also possible to use a unique section for the restaurant’s specialties, and that is something eye-catching, to attract the attention of customers. On the other hand, it can be reflected with markers in the images which products are new, in case they exist.

Many of these features are used by most restaurants on their online platforms.

Whatever your type of catering establishment and whatever variety of cuisine you offer, we have a type of digital menu for you, adapted to your design, format, categories and customer. So if you need our advice, register your establishment and write to us.

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