How to turn an image into QR CODE

Patricia Puerto
Patricia Puerto

Discover the main elements to enjoy your QR code with this generator that we’ve created for you.

In this review we will provide you with the fundamental points so that you can turn your pdf into a QR code. Let’s get started!

Although it’s a technique created in the 90s, in the last few weeks we have seen the growing interest in using service systems that allow creating images or any type of file in a QR code, in order to share it easily.

Before proceeding further, I would be interested in giving you some introductory context to describe: what is a QR code? Where do they come from? Why use them? Before describing how to create a video in QR code format with the support of our QR generator.

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What is a QR CODE?

A QR code is a two-dimensional barcode, usually shown in a square shape and containing encoded information that is stored under a specific link or domain.

We can trace its origins to 1994, and it was invented by Denso Wave, from the Toyota Group, but it was not until 2010 that its use began to expand in the US and Europe where we have seen how its application has increased.

It must be noted that in recent months and as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic and the development of digitization, it has become a very normal way, which we can use in various formats, to help extend or provide information

The way to unravel or analyze the immanence that is hidden in these QRs is by using a QR code scanner, which at the moment we can find in almost every smartphone

The most common purpose attributed to it is to be able to display a website from a physical point, such as advertising, a sign, etc. But we also see that there is an interest in this technology for many purposes, such as: sharing pdfs, images, videos, lottery results, or to secure your network password, etc.

And for a few weeks, in order to display menus with a QR code within restaurants, bars and cafes with the aim of preventing the use of physical menus as a way to avoid Covid.

I have even seen that, in some newspaper, these codes are used as a resource to expand the printed information and lead the client to other types of content, such as audiovisual.

A normal and mandatory question in these times is to know how to turn an image into QR CODE

The handling of digital files, such as images, PDF or word documents, is very normal today, although if you want to be able to present an alternative with zero contacts, you should use a QR code.

The QR code technology has been with us for many years, although it was not until this new situation caused by COVID-19 that the improvised importance they have to maintain the zero-contact policy has been shown.

What is a QR CODE useful for?

At first, this technology originated in the Japanese automobile sector, and had the objective of representing an alternative code to the already existing bar codes, which would be used with the objective of classifying inventories and vehicle parts in the manufacturing chain, in such a way that improved and speed up industrial procedures.

Around 2010, the license was released and this technology began to be used, initially in the USA and later throughout the world.

Regarding the uses we can give a QR CODE, we can distinguish between

1. Store and share information

It helps us save documentation so that we can share it. It’s very simple to use, both for us and the user. In short, it’s a very interesting way to connect the offline world with the online one, since we give a code in a physical support that will guide us to digitized documentation.

It usually directs us to a web page with detailed information: a news item, form, etc. And it also acquires other uses such as storing a document, audiovisual resource, etc.

2. As a marketing tool

Apart from saving information, it serves your business as a powerful instrument to get closer to your buyers so that you can enhance your communication with them: know what they like the most about your business, present important information, issue offer actions, etc.

How to scan a QR CODE?

Reading the information and content that is under a QR code it’s very easy. We only have to have a reading application on our mobile device.

Depending on the type of operating system you have on your mobile phone, accessing the information may be different.

Some devices natively have the opportunity to access QR codes without having to download any app. For example: Samsung, Apple, etc.

Although if you need to have a QR code reader on your mobile phone, there is a wide variety of applications, both free and paid, to download. It will depend on what you are looking for or what functionalities you want: from reading history, storage of the QR codes that you have read previously, etc.

In the case of Android: you will have to have an app previously downloaded on your mobile phone to be able to access it.

If you want a recommended application, we have: QR Reader, QR Droid, Bar Code…

Another alternative that you may not have known is that we have an app installed on our smartphone that can serve as a QR code reader. Here is the list provided by Xatakandroid where you will see that if you already have the Facebook app, Twitter or the Opera browser, you do not need to download new apps.

Other devices such as Apple Samsung, already have it natively integrated and just by accessing the camera application and focusing on the code you are looking to scan, it sends you the information. On the screen you see a message to continue opening and reading the information behind it.

And once you know a little more about QR code technology, we will tell you in a few simple steps how you can convert an image into a QR code.

1.Select the an image you want to turn

You can [accion] any type of [objeto_origen] to [objeto_destino]: jpg, png, tiff, pdf, etc.

And you can not only [accion] an [objeto_origen] but also a [objeto_destino], etc.

2.Store it in a domain

You have to have a hosting or website to be able to host your QR code. If you have your own website, with the use of an ftp client you will have it very simple: you simply access it, insert your file and create the web page that will be the one that shows the content you want to broadcast.

But in most cases, and I suspect that it’s why you are here, you don’t have your own domain, but you would like to encode certain information to be able to offer it and have it accessible by means of a QR code.

If that is your case, you do not have to worry because you are in the right place. From Haztucartadigital, we put at your disposal our QR generator without having the need to have a domain where you can upload your information in order to create the QR code of your image.

We leave you a space in our domain and our hosting so that you can upload an image and receive in exchange your QR code, so that you can scan it and share it with your clients, friends, etc.

3.Select a QR CODE generator

Select the QR code generator that you like the most to be able to convert your QR code. There are hundreds of options and alternatives, but since you are on this website, we want to take the opportunity to show you our generator.

We offer you our generator totally free so that you can turn your image into a QR code.

You can find other services, but the advantage of our QR code generator is that we offer you a free, easy and instant service. With our Freemium plan you will have your QR code without having to make any payment.

4.Check your QR code

It is important that once the generator returns the QR code, you check it and validate that it’s correct. To do this, look for your smartphone or mobile device / Tablet, open your QR code reader application and scan it, to confirm that what you really see is your file and information.

5. Download your QR CODE

Once your QR code has been created, you will need to be able to have it in a file that gives you the possibility to share it, print it and make it public.tarás poder disponer del mismo en un archivo que te dé la posibilidad de compartirlo, imprimirlo y hacerlo público

The format in which you can download it’s a graphic format of an image file in high quality and compressed in 24 bits. It’s a PNG that you can edit and work with: resize, insert into a design, etc.

The advantage is that they do not have a background color so you can install it in any graphic piece you have.

6.Prepare and print your QR code

In the png format in which we will provide you with the code, you can use it to integrate it into a design, brochure, images, corporate design pieces such as cards, flyers.

And you can even add it in digital design formats to share it on digital media such as Facebook posts, website, etc.

7.Spread the content

In relation to the promotion and dissemination of your QR code, the marketing strategy you choose and the objective for which you have chosen to use this technology for yourself or for your company is important.

But we give you some recommendations below on how to share it and use it on physical media.

  • Stickers / Adhesives: If you have an establishment, for example a restaurant or cafe, the best way to make your QR visible is through stickers that you will stick on your tables, bar, decorative supports, etc. Your clients will be able to access the information in a transparent and simple way. One tip we give you is that the stickers have to be medium in size, that is, they are neither so small that you can hardly see them, nor so large that they seem exaggerated. We recommend a size of 7×3.5 cm to create your stickers. If you need us to help you, here you have our offer.
  • Flyers: if your marketing strategy includes distributing advertising leaflets, don’t wait any longer and use it on this support to connect the physical offline world with your virtual reality from now on. A new way for both your users and your potential users to connect with your brand and access information. For example, a hairdresser could add their entire catalog of products and treatments under a code, or a restaurant could offer its menu using this format. You could also use it to offer your users a promotion or discount, or a form in a landing page to collect contacts.
  • Labels: Accompany the labels of your products with additional information, adding a QR code that provides additional information.
  • Showcases: Another way to provide information and to expose your QR code is to stick it on the showcase of your establishment, with a sticker that is sufficiently visible to make it stand out. Include information of interest, such as your menu, so that both your clients and potentials clients can see it or promote your Social Networks or website.

These are just some, but there are hundreds of possibilities for you to publicize and spread your QR code among your clients and potentials, such as your stationery, in vehicles, the packaging of your product.

Now that you know all this, what are you waiting for to start using QR codes for your business? From haztucartadigital, we put at your disposal our QR code generator so you can start right away.

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How to turn an image into QR CODE

Discover the main elements to enjoy your QR code with this generator that we’ve created for you. In this review we will provide you with the fundamental points so that you can turn your pdf into a QR code. Let’s get started! Although it’s a technique created in the 90s, in the last few weeks […]

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