Ordering/delivery module

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Adding the option that your customers can order online or the local delivery service from your restaurant's digital menu is simple.

At this time, when online shopping activity is increasing considerably, the restaurant sector is seeing how the option of home delivery or pick-up in the business can be one of the methods of diversification, to be able to maintain and help business growth.

What do we offer you in the order/delivery module?

  • Enable the online / delivery order module in your digital menu
  • Its configuration
  • It does not include enabling payment gateway. In case of interest in this option, we would make the management particularly to adapt to the particularities of each restaurant.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it only for home delivery or can it also be picked up at my facility?

Currently we have three modes of operation, you can configure it for home delivery, to pick up at the establishment or to place the order from the tables in your establishment.

Is there any commission for orders placed?

No! We do not intend to commission on a sale that is yours. We are here to support you in bringing more sales only and to make your life easier.

Can my customer pay directly for the order?

If you want us to implement a payment gateway, so that your customer can make payments directly, you can do it. To do this we would need you to follow a series of instructions with the collection platforms we work with.

Is the cost fixed or is there any maintenance?

This module is included in all our plans so you don’t have to worry about any increase.

What does this module consist of?

If you want to offer the possibility of home delivery or on-site pick-up, with this add-on you will be able to offer all your customers an e-commerce of your business. Start increasing your sales!

How do our digital menus look with the orders / delivery module?

How the orders / delivery module works

We wanted to create an easy-to-use functionality within your digital menu both for you as an administrator, as well as for your customers so they can order their food to pick up.

The Home Order / Delivery module requires the basic information of the business: hours, opening days and the delivery options that you have: only pick up, pick up and delivery etc.

The authorized payment method is also entered. By default, our platform does not integrate a payment gateway, but if the client needs it, it's configured.

Once this information is configured within your digital menu, the customer can then place their order comfortably.

The way it works is simple: the customer selects the "Place your order" option and can select the dishes or products they are interested in.

Once the selection is completed, in the next step the client provides their contact information and details about their order: delivery method, time and day on which they want the order, as well as any additional comments about it.

Once the order has been placed, an email is sent with the information to both the customer and the restaurant, in which it's reported that it is registered, but that it needs confirmation from the restaurant. This point is important, since it allows the restaurant to better control their orders and ensure that they are processed and the customer knows that they are working on it.

The restaurant confirms the order and a notification arrives to the client, indicating that everything is underway.

We have created a platform that allows you to create your digital menu in QR in an agile, simple and economical way.

Our digital menu creation service is an ideal solution so that you can start transforming and digitizing your business, which in the times we are in, is not an option, but almost an obligation to be able to move forward and stay in business.

In addition, having a digital menu is a service of prevention and security measure for your customers, because of the zero contact. And you will have the possibility to use your digital menu as a channel for promotion and marketing, sharing the link of your menu among your clients, social networks, flyers, etc.

What do our customers think about the standard plan?

  • We have daily menu service for home delivery, but the pandemic limited our ability to reach our customers. We hired this service and have been able to share our menu on whatsapp, facebook and Instagram so our customers can make their requests.

    Candelaria Restaurant
    Mario en Bogota, Colombia
  • We decided that our restaurant should have a delivery service and we have implemented it with this platform. It’s very easy for the customer and works great.

    Hondashi Restaurant
    Mafalda en Cundinamarca, Colombia
  • We have made significant progress in our digitization with this service. Our services can see our menu from your cell phone before coming to eat. We recommend it to other restaurants.

    Hamburguesería La Parrilla
    Alfred en México


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  • Reservations, home delivery and social networks module
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  • Information on allergens
  • Unlimited languages
  • Fixed QR with each update
  • 100% self-management
  • Advanced statistics
  • Reservations, home delivery and social networks module
  • Push notifications and email capture module
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Ordering/delivery module


Expand your business and offer your customers the possibility to place orders online with home delivery or pick-up at a store.

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