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Why do you need a digital menu?


The menu or product catalog of your business adapted to the digital format so that you can fully exploit its full potential.


Offer a new experience to your customers with our digital menu service, boost your sales and attract new customers!


Creating your menu is free. Pay just for our team to prepare it for you. No fees, no maintenance.


Create and manage the menu of your establishment from our platform, simple and intuitive

What are our digital menus for restaurants and other businesses like?

Our prices

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And if you want our team to help you create and design your menu , hire one of our plans . We prepare the menu for you. Single payment , without fees or maintenance.

Basic Plan

If you want to use for free but with limited features, this plan is the ideal one for you.

$10.90 ¡FREE!


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  • Do it yourself
  • With ads
  • Non-personalized url
  • Limit of up to 60 products
  • Allergens
  • 1 language
  • Business logo and images
  • Watermarked QR Code
  • 100% self-management

Standard Plan

More popular

You have a menu or list of services in a single language. Hire this plan and we will design it and prepare it for you



  • We upload and design the menu for you
  • Whithout ads
  • Any format
  • Custom url
  • 100 References maximum
  • Information on allergens
  • 1 Language
  • Images of your products and business logo
  • Fixed QR with each update
  • 100% self-management
  • Possibility of adding add-ons and other services*

* Possibility of including reservation, home delivery, social media or communication modules with additional cost.

Premium Plan

You have an extensive menu, with several languages and you want us to design it and prepare it for you. Hire this plan!



  • We upload and design the menu for you
  • Whithout ads
  • Any format
  • Custom url
  • Unlimited referrals
  • Information on allergens
  • 2 Languages
  • Images of your products and business logo
  • Fixed QR with each update
  • 100% self-management
  • Possibility of adding add-ons and other services*

* Possibility of including reservation, home delivery modules with additional cost.

Complement your plan

Complete your digital menus with some of the add-ons that we have created for your business!


$10.90 ONE PAY

Expand your business and offer your customers the possibility of placing orders online with home deliveries or store pick-up


$17.95 ONE PAY

In case you need your digital menu to be translated into more than two languages in order to reach all your customers.


$10.90 ONE PAY

Hire this maintenance service and we will give you support in the management of changes and maintenance that you need to do

Discover the rest of modules / add-ons here

Do these rates have monthly or annual maintenance?

No! The price you pay for the plan that best suits your establishment is a one-time payment, it's charged only once and there are no monthly fees or annual expenses.

Methods of payment

Our payment methods are through debit / credit card, Google Pay or, if you prefer, you can also do it by bank transfer.

How will I receive my menu?

Very easy. When we transcribe and work on your menu, we will send you an email with all the information you need: link to your menu, an access to the settings where you can edit the information you need, and a file of your QR code

Do I need to have a website to create my digital menu?

No, you do not need to have a website. We give you a space within our domain for your restaurant. And if you have a website, we can make the menu point to your domain. * (additional cost for this service: text)

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Any format or file

Do can't find what you are looking for

We adapt to your needs

If you have a chain of restaurants, different locations or are looking for something different from what we offer in our Plans, tell us and we will call you to give you the best solution


Digital Menu for restoration

Your restaurant's digital menu ready to help you grow your business. Table reservation module, totally independent delivery. Attract new customers and increase revenue with our solution

Beauty centers and hairdressers

If you have a hairdresser or beauty center, don't give up on digitizing yourself. With our platform you will achieve greater organization, visibility and customer attraction. Your list of services and appointments reservation in a single click.

Retail / small business sector

It has never been so easy to have a mobile-commerce. Our service gives small businesses the possibility to digitize their catalog and offer distance sales. Attract new customers with our solution.

Tourism and hospitality

Due to COVID-19, certain protocols in the hospitality sector were reformulated. Digitize the information of your hotel business: menus, welcome pack, information of interest ... All in one place.

Endless features

Different solutions for the digital menus of your business: delivery service module, appointment reservation or online shopping



Social Media.




Home delivery

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Do you want to start?

Start by testing our platform for free and if you need it, we will prepare your menu for you . We tell you how:


Make the reservation of your service by credit card or bank transfer. Secure payment platform


In pdf, word, excel or photo format. All the information you need sent in a simple click.


We give you our own QR code, hosted on our website. And also a very simple url for customers who do not have a QR reader on their phones


100% self-manageable tool. Manage your menu yourself, change your menus, prices, photos or dishes. No additional maintenance costs.


Presence in countries

Establishments in Spain, Mexico, Colombia and Venezuela

+ of 26.819

Establishments implemented

Establishments that already enjoy our digital menus.


Menus per day consulted

Let's reduce contact with physical menus, it's everyone's responsibility

What do our clients think?

Here are the testimonials of some of the clients who already have our digital menus

"We needed a digital menu so we studied the options that were available and this is the most adjusted in rates and the one that best adapted to what we needed"

Beer Pub 312. Sonora, México

”We and our clients love this service. Very agile and easy to use. "

Kiyomi Sushi Restaurant. Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Frequently asked questions

You can start using our platform for free with our Basic version, with some limited functionalities. And if you prefer, our team designs and prepares the menu for you. Just send us your files and we will deliver it to you ready to use.
Yes. You can update your digital menu whenever you need it. Once we create it, we will give you access codes to a configurator where you can make adjustments. And, if you prefer, we can help you with maintenance.
Like you, we are also a part of the hospitality industry and we know...
No! The price you pay for the plan that best suits your establishment is a fixed and one-time payment, there are no monthly fees or maintenance costs for your digital menu.
Nothing. The only thing you will need is to have your QR codes visible so that customers can scan it. For this reason, along with your digital kit, you will receive in your establishment a set of stickers with the QR codes so that you can put them at strategic points such as tables, entrance, etc. You will also have a link that you can share with your clients through your different communication channels: Social Media, WhatsApp, etc.
No problem. If, for example, you have a different price in your menu depending on the room or terrace service or prices for a portion and 1/2 portion, you can add it.
Of course. And for better agility, we will teach you to update it from your control panel
In the upper image of the web you will find a QR code, but if you want to see an example here you have it.