Free digital menu, an ideal option for your restaurant.

The physical menus are one of the best things that could exist in restaurants, it brought elegance and category to it, however, today the freedigital menu is one of the best ways to present your restaurant.

This begs the question What is a digital menu? What are the advantages of this chart? What should you take into account for a digital menu? How to create a digital menu that generates sales? These are just some of the questions we will be answering in this article, so we invite you to stay with us.

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What is a free digital menu?

To begin with, we must define what this type of format is, basically, it is exactly the same as a physical letter, only that the format is completely digital. This makes it possible to reach all types of smart devices, both inside and outside the restaurant.

This type of menu has the ability to hold a large amount of information and unlike physical menus, they can carry multimedia content such as video and photos of the food being offered.

Depending on the restaurant, you can offer both types of menu, both physical and digital, mainly for aesthetics and category in luxury restaurants, however, these have been updated.

Luxury restaurants have added the ability to scan the QR code, which allows the customer to access the menu quickly and securely from anywhere they find the code.

What are the advantages of a free digital menu?

The advantages that a digital menu card brings you are really varied, ranging from customer attraction, to an improvement in terms of expenses, among the most important advantages we can mention:

Simplify everything

This is one of the most important, thanks to the fact that people nowadays require everything to be much simpler, closer to hand and quicker. Scanning a QR code becomes a quick way to get a lot of information to your customers.

Now, if there is something we cannot allow in our restaurants, it is the stagnation of people, since while others are thinking, maybe there are customers who already want to order, but due to the lack of tables they end up leaving.

A digital menu card gives all the information the customer requires in a quick way, without waiters or doubts, since, by having multimedia content, it is easier for customers to make a choice.

There are statistics that claim a 50% increase in table turnover, thanks to a digital menu card.

Update everything as if it were just another social network.

This is another decisive advantage in restaurants, it is no secret that when updating a physical menu, you end up making changes that do not always look good, or otherwise generate new paperwork expenses.

With a free digital menu card, you have the ability to make a change in the menu as if it were Facebook or Instagram, fast, simple and without additional costs. It is important to know that the consumer is attracted by the new things you can add in your restaurant, from going digital to new food dishes.

If this is not enough, let us tell you that the chart can also be updated automatically, depending on the type of programming you add. What we mean by this is that the changes will not always be manual, you can assign them in an automatic way.

Significant increase in sales.

The customer seeks to buy everything he sees, but if we do not put it in front of the probability of sales, we have all gone through a restaurant and when ordering our food, the waiter or the person in charge seeks to add something else to the dish through side dishes or recommendations, this is known as a cross-sale.

Cross-selling is of great importance in any business, so being able to add it to your digital menu is excellent . How do we achieve this? You can program each meal you sell to have a separate menu of side dishes, which will tempt diners to buy.

This sale can also go hand in hand with promotional side dishes, that not only can capture the customer by the richness of the food, but also by the cost of it, that moment where you say. “Well it’s not much more, so come”.

It is important that this is fast and aggressive, that the customer does not think too much to make the sale, therefore, adding a QR code to your digital menu card will make the customer have everything without thinking too much.

Cleanliness in all senses

A free digital menu with QR code, becomes the most personal of your customers, and we know that it is the same menu for everyone, but each one can have it on their device and without having to pass it among the other customers.

With the new normal, this has become a really spectacular benefit, because you avoid physical contact between people, without losing the real interaction of each person.

Sometimes, there is a tendency to think that these free digital menu cards, lose the interaction with the user or the proximity to the same, we assure you that this is far from reality, as long as you can detail in a specific way each of the meals that your restaurant offers.

What should your digital menu have?

The update of your letter must be well thought out, since the idea is to make a sale only with what you add there, therefore, you must take into account factors such as:

  1. Information: This is the main source of sales, a customer who does not know is a customer who can delay you a sale, therefore, it is important that everything is on the menu. This information goes hand in hand with ingredients, side dish recommendations, beverage recommendations and pricing.
  2. Color palette: The color you add to your menu will be determinant, it is no coincidence that the big fast food networks use colors like yellow and red, all that has a background. If your theme does not go with these colors, no problem, the important thing in this case is that you can combine the colors of the restaurant with those of the digital menu, so that everything is harmonious.
  3. Intuitive: The ease with which the customer can move in your letter will be decisive, therefore, you should think of a design that allows young and old to search and navigate within the page quickly.
  4. Effective interface: As we said before, nobody wants things to be slow, we go fast and that’s how we want everything, therefore, the site must have a decent interface so that any device can run it in a simple and fast way. By moving quickly through the menu, the customer can choose more quickly and therefore buy more quickly

Create your QR code instantly for free

Any type of file

Digitize any type of file: inc. pdf, jpg, mp3, gif, video etc.

Different uses

For your company, digitize your menu, books, useful information, medical analysis, etc.

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