Crea tu carta digital más profesional, pensado para establecimientos pequeños y medianos, con la posibilidad de cargar referencias ilimitadas y todos los idiomas que necesites.

Olvidate de los molestias a la hora cargar tus productos! Nuestro equipo de expertos digitalizaran tu carta digital y le darán un aspecto profesional alineado a tu negocio.

How are our digital menus with the standard plan?

What do we offer in the standard plan?

Sin molestias y en 24 horas disponible

Nuestro equipo de expertos digitalizaran tu carta digital y le darán un aspecto profesional alineado a tu negocio.

Módulo reservas, pedido a domicilio y redes sociales

Aumenta tus ingresos gracias al módulo de pedido a domicilio o recoger en tu establecimiento, con posibilidad de realizar reservas de mesas para controlar tus aforos.

Fixed Accessible QR on each update

You will have your own link to your QR code and if you make any modification, you will have the same code.

Nos adaptamos a cualquier formato que tengas

We create your digital menu from any format. It doesn't matter how you send it: pdf, jpg, word or Excel.

Sin limitaciones

Sin limitaciones de referencias ni de idiomas, podrás tener todo los detalles y precio de tus productos y adaptada a tu imagen corporativa: logotipos y fotografías para cada módulo de las cartas

Módulo notificaciones push y captación de email

Establece un nuevo canal de comunicacion con tus clientes, fideliza a tus clientes con promociones exclusivas e informa de las últimas novedes de tu establecimiento.


Access to our configurator where you can edit your products, update prices or add new references

Allergen modules

You can include a lot of information on allergens for each of your dishes or also an informative image to comply with current legislation

Frequently asked questions

Very easy. Select the plan that best suits your business. Add it to the shopping cart and complete the payment information that we request. Once the payment has been made, you will receive an email with the instructions for you to send us all the menu's material.
Yes. You send us the material you want us to include and we work on your project, to deliver it to you fully finished
In order to start working on your project, we only need you to send us all the material that you want your digital menu to contain. The menu or product catalog in the format you have it (jpg, pdf, Excel) and, if you have photographs or a logo as well.
With this plan what we can do is adjust your menu / physical catalog to be displayed on mobile screens. We do not transcribe, we only adapt the images that you send us
The Standard Plan is configured for those businesses that have their menus in only one language.
Of course. We recommend that you send us your logo to be able to include it, and if you have a corporate line of colors that you want to keep in your digital menu we will apply it without any problem
When we finish digitizing your menu. We will send you an email where you will receive: the link to access it, your QR code and a link to access the configurator where you can make adjustments or changes to it.
To be able to make changes, price and product adjustments whenever you need it.
We also have maintenance services with which we help you manage and make changes to your digital menu.
Inside the configurator you will find functionalities that cannot be used in the Standard Plan. If you are interested in hiring any of them, contact us.

What do our customers think about the standard plan?

Here are the testimonials of some of the clients who already have our digital menus

How does the standard plan work?

Hemos creado una plataforma que permite crear tu carta digital en QR de una forma ágil, sencilla y económica.

Our digital menu creation service is an ideal solution so that you can start transforming and digitizing your business, which in the moments we are in it is not an option, but almost an obligation to be able to move forward and stay active.

In addition, having a digital menu is a prevention and security measure service for your customers, due to zero contact. And you will have the possibility of using your digital menu as a channel for promotion and marketing, sharing the link of your menu among your clients, social media, flyers, etc.

  • 1

    The first thing is to select the plan that best suits your needs and make the reservation and payment for it. Our payment gateway and payment methods are 100% secure to guarantee your peace of mind.

    In this step, we will request basic information to register you in our system: email, name and surname.

  • 2

    Once the reservation of your plan is confirmed, we will send you an email with the confirmation and your order number. It is important that save it, in case you need to make a query, our team will locate your establishment and your digital menu more quickly

  • 3

    Subsequently, you will receive an email in which we will ask you to complete a form with information and attach all the material that you think we will need to be able to work and create your digital menus Depending on the plan, we will accept some formats or others. In this case the Basic Plan , you have to send us your menu in pdf or png format and in high quality.

  • 4

    Leave the rest to us! :). We will assign you an account manager who will be in charge of starting your project and delivering it to you as soon as possible, requesting information and exchanging the adjustments you need so that the menu is the way you like it.

  • 5

    Once finished, you will receive our Kit by mail with all the information you need from your digital menu. Be careful! Do not lose it, because important information is stored in this email:

    • - Your menu's personalized link, with the name of your establishment.
    • - The QR code of your digital menu, which is unique for you and for your restaurant, in a printable version so that you can download it and share it with your customers
    • - Acceso al configurador (solo Plan Estándar) para que puedas modificar tu carta siempre que quieras.

Our plans

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