Advantages of generating free QR code

Technology continues to advance and you can find something new every day, the QR code has been on the market for a while now, becoming an everyday thing. However, it is something that a few years ago, we would not have thought existed and nowadays, we can even generate QR codes for free.

This method has generated a large number of advantages over other companies that have lagged behind, but what are these advantages? In this opportunity we will be giving you all the information you need to know so you can start working with the QR code in your business right now.

Create your QR code instantly for free

Any type of file

Digitize any type of file: inc. pdf, jpg, mp3, gif, video etc.

Different uses

For your company, digitize your menu, books, useful information, medical analysis, etc.

What are the main benefits of generating free QR codes?

It is no secret that, nowadays, businesses that do not reinvent or renew themselves have an extremely high chance of loss. So, the QR code has been quite a blast after the pandemic era.

From 2019 onwards, we have seen an increase in the use of this code, as a security measure against contagion. Many companies have adopted it and we assure you that they do not plan to move away from it, thanks to the following advantages that we are going to describe.

1.       Increase customer interest.

The QR code was created in 1994, as a simple means of communicating or passing information, nowadays, what is really valid is the viralization of everything, if it is not in networks and is not viralized, it practically does not exist.

What we mean by this is that although the QR code has been created many years ago, its viralization to everyday business was something really recent, therefore, this generates a great interest within the clientele.

These codes have managed to generate a digitalized image of the company, since it makes you think that it is in networks and that it is using the best of the best to provide a quality service.

It is common to relate technological advancement with the quality of the service or product being sold, therefore, it is in your best interest to look like a technological professional.

2.       Everybody wants everybody fast.

There is nothing more cumbersome and annoying than having to look for a waiter in a restaurant so that he can at least bring you the menu, and after he brings it, start another process to place the order.

This time is a little bit annoying the concept of “fast food” and that’s where QR codes can greatly facilitate this whole process, thanks to the fact that just by scanning it, you can see everything you need.

In the case of restaurants, it is very common to that a QR code allows you to see the menu of the same. SHowever, this should not be limited there, you can offer more services or even request everything by that means.

3.      The best way to generate Marketing

They say that “the world belongs to marketers” so no matter what your industry is, if you don’t know how to sell, you are out of the world, that’s where we start with digital marketing strategies and why the QR code is so used for this.

First of all, it’s easy to generate free QR codes without expiration, so you don’t even have to worry about that, we’ll take care of it.

Once you have generated your codes, performing the malfunction is a little easier than other advertising campaigns, you don’t have to be a marketing guru for this, although if you are you will greatly increase the success of the campaign.

Just by having the image and then sending it to social networks, you can see really good results in terms of sales and followers.

A well-informed customer is a potential customer for the sale, and nowadays consumers want everything fast, so accessing everything they need just by scanning is unbeatable.

4.      It is really economical but powerful

We can say that QR codes are the mainstream of advertising, since they are the best value for money. The cost of these codes is really low and particularly with us you can find very affordable prices, but with exceptional quality.

Now, it’s not just the cost of generating the code that you should be happy about, but it’s also replacing other types of physical marketing media or even the letters themselves inside the restaurant.

This decreases the value of printingand sending this type of letters or physical media, also, you can give a great help to our environment by decreasing and paper consumption, making your business a little more eco-friendly.

What content can you place when generating a free QR code with no expiration date?

It is no secret that the QR code became very viral in recent years, but more in the area of restaurants, since there was everything between memes and information that bombarded the networks and became Top.

We who are experts in the field, can tell you that there are a lot of ways to use your QR code in any field today, among which we can mention:

1.       Give access to the wifi of your business

Say goodbye to telling the password to all your customers, with the use of this code, everyone who scans it can get access without any problem. Now, some people think that this may take away the link between business and user, but it is not so, since people need everything fast and you as a business, you need more effectiveness at all times, so you can use that time effectively.

2.       Information about your business

There are so many things that a customer needs to know about your business, we assure you that you can expedite sending any information with just a scan, location, branches, social networks and many other things you can place by generating free QR code.

3.       Videos for your business

On average, more information is consumed through digital media than otherwise, and to that, we must add that videos are more viewed than anything else. Therefore, attaching videos to your QR code is of great help in front of customers, since they can see what they need and become potential customers.

Likewise, by means of these videos, you can generate an infinite number of promotions for customers, and make it easier for them to buy.

4.      Download information

Last but not least, we can talk about the ability you have to offer downloads within your free QR code, since they can be used for any kind of product.

A clear example of this is the purchase of a product that comes with a user manual, therefore, you can bring it in physical, but you can also offer the possibility of having it in a digital medium.

Likewise, the use of certain digital products, which require an installation drive, can also serve as an effective QR code, which sends the buyer directly to the download pages or the download itself for everyone’s convenience.

Create your QR code instantly for free

Any type of file

Digitize any type of file: inc. pdf, jpg, mp3, gif, video etc.

Different uses

For your company, digitize your menu, books, useful information, medical analysis, etc.

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