What can we do with the button element

  • Add a button on the digital menu that takes you to a specific section of an external website.

What we must take into account about this element

  • If you want the button to take you to an external page, the URL must begin with “http://” or “https://”.

What main options this element allows:

  • Indicate the name of the button
  • Indicate the name of the button and where it should point to, either to an internal section or to an external web page.

What advanced options this element allows:

  • Apply your own styles to the element. Currently we have the option of LEFT, RIGHT, CENTERED, EXPANDED, PRIMARY, SECONDARY, LARGE and SMALL. These styles can be combined, i.e., several can be indicated simultaneously.

What aspects the element has within the configurator:

Standard options:

Advanced options:

What does the element look like on the digital menu?

The greatest customization is offered by the use of different styles, which are presented below in various configurations: