What we can do with the embedded element

  • Pop-up that appears to the user after N seconds and shows an image, title and description.
  • It also allows you to configure a button with access to a section of the digital menu or an external page.

What we must take into account about this element

  • If you want the button to take you to an external page, the URL must start with “http://” or “https://”.

What main options this element allows:

  • Indicate the name of the promotion
  • Indicate a photo related to the promotion
  • Indicate a description of the promotion
  • Indicate the name of the button and where it should point to, either to an internal section or to an external web page.
  • Indicate the number of seconds it takes for it to appear.

What aspects the element has within the configurator:

Standard options:

What does the element look like on the digital menu?