What we can do with the section element:

  • Allows to separate the contents of the digital menuinto different sections.

It is often used to separate different sections within a digital menu, example of use:

How to use the section element in a digital menu restaurant digital menu?

In a digital menu of a restaurant the sections can be:

  • Food
  • Beverages
  • Desserts

What we must take into account about this element

  • There must be at least one element of section type
  • Any element of the digital menu must be under a specific section.

What main options this element allows:

  • Indicate the name of the section

What advanced options it allows us:

  • Select a default image for the section. This image will be displayed in the section list.
  • Select the display mode. There are currently two ways of displaying the charts: scroll and page.

What aspects the element has within the configurator:

Standard options:

Advanced options

Element section configurations

Example of scroll display mode

By default the display mode of the section element is scroll, so by default it will be displayed as follows.

We start from the following situation:

The appearance would be:

Example of display mode page

In this example, we start from the previous example but only change the display mode to page type.

The appearance would be: